Jimmy John's Catering Prices 2024 - 4 Main Menu of Party Boxes, Mini Jimmys, Box Lunches, Lil' lunches (2024)

Jimmy John’s is a famous restaurant for serving mouth-watering sandwiches around the USA. They have mainly 4 catering items Party Boxes, Mini Jimmys, Box Lunches, Lil’ lunches, sides, and beverages that can be ordered with the catering pack.

For a small party, Mini Jimmy is enough which serves 6 sandwiches cut in half to become 12 pieces of sandwiches.

If the party is bigger then Party Boxes is a good choice; the package has two options named Party Boxes – Original & Party Boxes Favorite.

Both packs have 18 pieces and 30 pieces in a box of 6 or 10 sandwiches which are cut in third. Original Party Boxes has Two types of sandwich options All American Beefy Crunch and J.J.B.L.T totaling 17 flavors of sandwiches.

Favorite Party Boxes also have All American Beefy Crunch types of sandwiches item but you can choose 6 or 10 sandwiches among 11 options where Original has large choice options.

For a lunch party, Jimmy John’s Box Lunches pack is ideal, with 24 items of sandwiches available for choosing from.

If you need individual packs, then LIL’ Lunches would be an excellent choice where you will get a sandwich and a bag of chips from 7 options of sandwich flavors for a small price.

However, the prices may vary based on the location from where you are ordering. The below table demonstrates Jimmy John’s Catering Prices and Menus.

A common question asked by the food craver’s that how much is a 30 piece Jimmy Johns platter?

A 30 piece of Jimmy John’s platter ranges between $60-$80 typically.

Jimmy John's Catering Prices 2024 - 4 Main Menu of Party Boxes, Mini Jimmys, Box Lunches, Lil' lunches (1)

1. Mini Jimmy’s

A box comes with 12 wrapped 6 sandwiches cut in half starting price of $36.99, and two types of sandwiches. You can choose 6 of them. Drinks and chips can be added but have to pay extra for that.

Mini Jimmy’s – 12 Pack of Sandwiches = $36.99SizeCalorie
All American Beefy Crunch + $2
Big John1/2270-600
The Pepe1/2270-600
Turkey Tom1/2270-600
Totally Tuna1/2270-600
The Veggie1/2270-600
J.J.B.L.T + $1
Billy Club1/2270-600
Italian – Spicy East Coast1/2270-600
Hunters Club1/2270-600
Italian – Night Club1/2270-600
Beach Club1/2270-600
Country Club1/2270-600
Bootlegger Club1/2270-600
Jimmy Cubano1/2270-600
Lulu Club1/2270-600
Tuna Club1/2270-600
Ultimate Porker1/2270-600


A box of sandwiches and a bag of chips for $5. Sandwich has 7 varieties and 4 types of chips.

Items (1 box = 1 Sandwich + 1 Chips) = $5Calorie
Roast Beef250
Ham and Cheese300
Turkey Breast240
Tuna Salad250
Double Provolone340
Capicola, Salami & Cheese290
Vinegar & Salt290

3. Jimmy John’s Lunch Box Price

A box of sandwiches and a bag of chips, cookies, and a pickle spear. Sandwich has 24 varieties and 5 types of chips, 3 different kinds of cookies, and a pickle spear.

The package price will vary depending on the quality of the items.

Lunch box (1 Sandwich + Chips bag + Cookie + pickle spear)CaloriePrice
All American Beefy Crunch
Big John270-640$10.99
The Pepe370-730$10.99
Turkey Tom250-610$10.99
Totally Tuna270-630$10.99
The Veggie440-810
Billy Club460-830$11.99
Italian – Spicy East Coast620-990$11.99
Hunters Club480-840$11.99
Italian – Night Club580-950$11.99
Beach Club510-870$11.99
Country Club430-800$11.99
Bootlegger Club330-700$11.99
Jimmy Cubano490-850$11.99
Club Lulu340-700$11.99
Club Tuna500-870$11.99
Ultimate Porker340-710$11.99
Roast Beef90-460$9.99
Ham and Cheese190-560$9.99
Turkey Breast70-430$9.99
Tuna Salad250-610$9.99
Double Provolone240-600$9.99
Capicola, Salami & Cheese280-650$9.99
The Garg (Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey, Provolone, Capicola & Salami)730-1100$14.25
Vinegar & Salt290
Variety Jimmy Chips
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie370
Variety Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie410

4. Jimmy John’s Party Platter/Party Boxes

Party boxes have two types of packages names Originals and Favorites.

Party Boxes (Originals)

Party Boxes Original has 2 packages of 18 pieces and 30 pieces of sandwiches.

i) Originals Package (18 Pieces): A box comes with 18 pieces of sandwiches where 6 sandwiches cutting in third starting price $39.99.

ii) Originals Package (30 Pieces):: A box comes with 30 pieces of sandwiches where 10 sandwiches cutting in the third package starting price of $65.99.

All American Beefy Crunch + $2
Big John80-400/Third Sandwiches
The Pepe80-400/Third Sandwiches
Turkey Tom80-400/Third Sandwiches
Totally Tuna80-400/Third Sandwiches
The Veggie80-400/Third Sandwiches
Vito80-400/Third Sandwiches
J.J.B.L.T + $1
Billy Club80-400/Third Sandwiches
Italian – Spicy East Coast80-400/Third Sandwiches
Hunters Club80-400/Third Sandwiches
Italian – Night Club80-400/Third Sandwiches
Beach Club80-400/Third Sandwiches
Country Club80-400/Third Sandwiches
Bootlegger Club80-400/Third Sandwiches
Jimmy Cubano80-400/Third Sandwiches
Lulu Club80-400/Third Sandwiches
Tuna Club80-400/Third Sandwiches
Ultimate Porker80-400/Third Sandwiches

Party Boxes (Favorites)

Party Boxes Favorites also has 2 packages of 18 pieces and 30 pieces of sandwiches.

i) 18 Pieces Pack: From 11 types of sandwiches 6 can be chosen and cutting in third becomes 18 pieces of sandwiches box comes with $48.99.

ii) 30 Pieces Pack: 10 sandwiches can be chosen from 11 and cutting in third comes to 30 pieces of sandwiches in a box at $79.99.

All American Beefy Crunch + $2
Billy Club110-400/Third Sandwiches
Italian – Spicy East Coast110-400/Third Sandwiches
Hunters Club110-400/Third Sandwiches
Italian – Night Club110-400/Third Sandwiches
Beach Club110-400/Third Sandwiches
Country Club110-400/Third Sandwiches
Bootlegger Club110-400/Third Sandwiches
Jimmy Cubano110-400/Third Sandwiches
Club Lulu110-400/Third Sandwiches
Club Tuna110-400/Third Sandwiches
Ultimate Porker110-400/Third Sandwiches

5. Sides and Drinks

Drinks and Sides are not included in the party order, you have to order separately and have to pay extra.

Cookies, Chips, Pickles, and More

Jimmy BBQ290 /bag$1.79
Jimmy Regular300 /bag$1.79
Jimmy Salt and Vinegar290 /bag$1.79
Jimmy Jalapeno290 /bag$1.79
Oatmeal Raisin370$2.09
Chocolate Chip410$2.09
PICKLES (Jimmy Jumbo Kosher Dill)
Halved (Pickle)20$1.79
Quartered (Pickle)20$1.79
Whole (Pickle)20$1.79
Pickle (Bucket)5$7.00
(Side Portion) Kickin Ranch160$0.59
(Side Portion) Avocado Spread70$1.79

Drinks & Beverages

Water Bottled0$2.09
Diet co*ke020 ounces$2.59
(Diet co*ke) Regular Fountain022 ounces$1.99
(Diet co*ke) Large Fountain030 ounces$2.19
co*ke24020 ounces$2.59
(co*ke) Regular Fountain28022 ounces$1.99
(co*ke) Large Fountain38030 ounces$2.19
Sprite24020 ounces$2.59
(Sprite) Regular Fountain26022 ounces $1.99
(Sprite) Large Fountain35030 ounces$2.19
Lemonade16011.5 ounces$2.59
(Lemonade Regular Fountain27022 ounces$1.99
(Lemonade) Large Fountain37030 ounces$2.19
Dr Pepper
(Dr Pepper) Regular Fountain28022 ounce$1.99
(Dr Pepper) Large Fountain38030 ounces$2.19
(Unsweet- Iced Tea) Regular Fountain022 ounces$1.99
(Unsweet- Iced Tea) Large Fountain030 ounces$2.19
Root Beer
(Root Beer) Regular Fountain31022 ounces$1.99
(Root Beer) Large Fountain42030 ounces$2.19
(Cherry co*ke) Regular Fountain29022 ounces$1.99
(Cherry co*ke) Large Fountain40030 ounces$2.19
Monster Energy23016 ounces$3.09
(Powerade) Regular Fountain- Mountain Blast16022 ounces$1.99
(Powerade) Large Fountain- Mountain Blast22030 ounces$2.19

Popular Food Items

Jimmy Johns catering, like any other food chain company, has items that we can say are hot cake compared to others.

Some items on demand at Jimmy Johns’s catering include Beach Club, Pepe, and the Turkey Tom sandwiches.

Other famous sandwiches and sides from Jimmy John’s are as mentioned below:

01. Jimmy Cubano

This sandwich is known as one of the most decadent and rich sandwiches you can find at Jimmy John’s.

It has smoked ham, provolone cheese, and bacon that go well with the pickle slices, mayo, kosher drill, and dijon mustard which are usually added on top.

JJ’s has done the most, capturing all the best flavors that make a Cuban sandwich delicious.

02. Beach Club

This is one of the most refreshing sandwiches you can ever have at Jimmy John’s. The Beach Club sandwich from Jimmy Johns comes with hand-sliced turkey breast and provolone cheese.

Without forgetting, avocado is also part of the combination, together with some bacon that brings the ultimate flavor, mainly when lettuce, mayo, cucumber slices, and tomato are added on top.

03. Bootlegger Club

Another popular sandwich at JJ’s is the Bootlegger Club sandwich. This sandwich goes hand in hand with roast beef and turkey beef with lettuce, mayo, and tomato as the toppings.

However, you can add some cheese to this masterpiece if you love cheese.

Jimmy John's Catering Prices 2024 - 4 Main Menu of Party Boxes, Mini Jimmys, Box Lunches, Lil' lunches (2)

04. Italian Night Club

This sandwich will always satisfy you to the brim. It comes with ham, provolone cheese, salami, and Capicola on the base and tomato, lettuce, onions, and mayo as the toppings.

The sandwich contains a lot of meat, but it is well-balanced, and the flavor is to crave.

05. JJ Gargantuan

Most sandwich lovers swear by this Jimmy Johns sandwich because of its flavor. It comes with everything a sandwich lover would love added to their sandwich.

The toppings added include roast beef, ham, Capicola, turkey, and salami. Additionally, provolone cheese and five different types of meat can’t miss on this sandwich.

06. Vito

Vito is somewhat similar to the Italian Night Club sandwich, albeit it is just a simple sandwich compared to the rest.

It comes with single portions of Capicola and salami with onions, tomato, and lettuce as the toppings.

07. Billy Club

The Billy Club sandwich from JJ’s is one perfect sandwich because you don’t have to add anything to it to make it tasty.

The sandwich contains roast beef, provolone cheese, and ham. Lettuce, mayo, tomato, and dijon mustard are added to the top to spice things up.

08. Spicy East Coast Italian

One of the best choices on JJ’s menu is the Spicy East Coast Italian sandwich. This sandwich will have you in a chokehold because once you taste it for the first time, you will keep going back for more.

It comes with Capicola and Genoa salami and provolone cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, basil, vinegar, and oregano as the toppings, with an addition of hot peppers that stamp everything.

Jimmy John's Catering Prices 2024 - 4 Main Menu of Party Boxes, Mini Jimmys, Box Lunches, Lil' lunches (3)

09. The Veggie

This is the best sandwich for you if you don’t fancy eating meat. The Veggie is a delicious sandwich with avocado as the main secret ingredient that makes it mouth-watering.

Provolone cheese, lettuce, cucumber slices, and tomato are part of the toppings that make the sandwich more flavorful.

10. Club Tuna

The Club Tuna sandwich is similar to the Totally Tuna sandwich, but the addition of cheese makes it stand out.

However, one thing about this sandwich is that it comes with cucumber slices, which we can say is part of Jimmy John’s toppings signature; they love adding cucumber to their sandwiches.

11. Raising Oatmeal Cookie

The Raising oatmeal cookie from Jimmy Johns is fresh, chewy, and buttery, with a sweet flavor. These cookies contain 370 calories, most of which come from fat.

12. Real Potato Chips

The potato chips are perfect for snacking since they come in different flavors, and you can easily find them at Walmart. A 60g pack of Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips can get you 290 calories.

13. Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle

The Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle from Jimmy Johns has a generous amount of garlic and brine compared to the regular dill pickle, and it contains about 20 calories.

14. Chocolate Chunk Cookie

This is a gourmet regarding what Jimmy Johns has to offer for sides. These cookies boast large and are highly ranked since they are toothsome and very fresh.

Cost of Jimmy Johns Catering

Jimmy Johns’s catering services are pocket friendly. Their sandwiches, drinks, appetizers, and desserts are worth your money. The company ensures that it offers the best services at an affordable price.

For instance, the company’s 8’ sub sandwiches cost as low as $5.50, while the giant club sandwiches are about $6.50, depending on what you prefer to have. Additionally, the sides and drinks vary in price.

Some of the most popular sides, such as the chocolate chunk cookie and Raising oatmeal cookie, go for $1.99, while real potato chips and jumbo kosher dill pickle cost at least $1.39.

For regular soft drinks and water, you will pay about $1.49 per bottle, while for large-sized soft drinks, you will be charged $1.99 per bottle.

Why is it Popular?

As of now, we can all agree that Jimmy Johns Catering is popular. But why is it popular? What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Jimmy Johns is well known because of its top-notch services and the items offered on its menu.

Jimmy Johns got you covered, whether it’s box lunch catering, special event catering, or corporate event catering.

Additionally, Jimmy Johns is known to offer last-minute catering services, which are an added advantage to most people.

Aside from that, JJ’s is famous because it offers a wide selection of fresh gourmet sandwiches, drinks, and appetizers made using high-quality ingredients, which means its menu never disappoints.

The company has an indomitable catering menu, and the prices are unmatched.

Jimmy John’s catering offers some of the most popular items, such as Mini Jimmy and the Individual Lunch Boxes. These and much more are what makes Jimmy John catering popular.

How To Order

You can easily have the sandwich or party platter of your choice delivered wherever you are at a pocket-friendly price.

However, the question is, how do you order from Jimmy Johns? Is the process complex? Best believe the ordering process is not rocket science.

Ordering party platters from Jimmy Johns is a simple process that requires following a couple of steps, and ta-da!

You have your order delivered to you. Below are guidelines on how to order from Jimmy John’s.

  • Visit the Jimmy John’s website using your browser
  • After visiting the website, fill out the online order form as required
  • Once you have filled out the online order form, choose what you want from the options given. Ensure you choose a sandwich, drink, or sides of your choice
  • After choosing your desired items, choose a delivery time that works for you, and that’s it. You’ll have your order with you in no time

To know more about the ordering process and current price visit their official website.


Why Should You Choose Jimmy John?

Sometimes it may be overwhelming to decide which food chain is best for your needs. It may take a toll on you choosing between Jimmy John’s and other food chain companies.

However, below are reasons why you should choose Jimmy John’s over other food chains.

a) Jimmy Johns Vs Subway

Between Jimmy Johns and Subway, we can say Jimmy Johns takes the mantle. Both food chains offer tasty sandwiches and good services, but Jimmy John’s still stands out.

Jimmy Johns attracts adults more often than not and has a welcoming environment. On the other hand, Subway attracts teens, and the customer service is impeccable.

However, regarding the variety and taste of sandwiches offered by both companies, Jimmy Johns has high quality and more delicious sandwiches than Subway, and they offer Unwich for people who don’t like gluten or carbs.

b) Jimmy Johns Vs Jersey Mike’s

Between Jersey Mike’s and Jimmy Johns, the latter is a better option. This is because Jimmy John’s is more convenient than Jersey Mike’s.

Although Jersey Mike’s is a great place to order your sandwiches, it is not a great option if you are on the run.

Also, regarding the price of sandwiches at both places, Jimmy John’s offers affordable sandwiches and items compared to Jersey Mike’s.

Benefits of Ordering Party Box

Ordering the Jimmy Johns Party boxes is a good idea, mainly for a large group of people at an event. Here are more benefits of ordering Jimmy John’s party boxes.

# The party boxes are customizable according to someone’s preference. Therefore, you can have your order customized how you want by adding items of your choice to your order.

# The party boxes are big enough to feed smaller or bigger groups. Whether it is a birthday party or an office event getting a party box from Jimmy Johns is a great idea because everyone will be satisfied to the brim.

# You can easily get a quick turnaround despite making a last-minute order. Jimmy Johns knows how to come through for their customers even with last-minute orders.

So if you are ordering party boxes last minute, you will still have your order delivered or well set up.

# The party boxes from Jimmy John’s come in a variety pack. You can pick from their 8’’ original sandwiches on french bread, the Unwich sandwiches, or their favorite sandwiches.

# There’s no limitation to the number of party boxes you can order from Jimmy Johns.

This means that when ordering party boxes from Jimmy John’s, you can order as many as you want without any limit.

About Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s is a food chain company that was established in 1983.

With its headquarters in Champaign, Illinois, the US, Jimmy John’s Catering is said to be one of the most exquisite and leading American sandwich chains in existence.

The company provides services to almost one hundred regions across the globe, and the services offered are amazing.

One thing that can’t go unmentioned about Jimmy John’s is its wide variety of mouth-watering sandwiches.

Aside from providing tantalizing sandwiches, JJ’s menu has a category of drinks, desserts, and appetizers which is another thing that makes the company stand out.

Their menu is for sure worth the try, and their services are remarkable!

Jimmy John’s offers different varieties of platters. Examples of the platters you will find at JJ’s include the 15-piece (5 Sandwiches) and the 30-piece (10 Sandwiches).

Aside from that, the company also offers box lunches such as Pepe (minimum of 4) and Totally Tuna (minimum of 4).

People Also Ask For

What is The Notice Advance Required When Placing An Order At Jimmy John’s?

You are required to make your order 24 hours in advance, but if you need same-day catering, then you should contact a local Jimmy John’s shop near you.

It is important to note that if you make your order in good time or earlier, you will have the order delivered to you in good time, unlike when it is a last-minute type of order.

How Many People Can a Party Platter From Jimmy Johns Feed?

A 15-piece party pack feeds at least nine people, while a 30-piece party pack from Jimmy Johns feeds around eighteen people.

This means a party platter is enough to feed a bigger group or even a few people during an event, mostly birthdays or home parties.

Does Jimmy Johns Allow Customers To Customize Their Party Boxes?

Yes, Jimmy Johns allows customers to customize their party boxes when placing an order.

You have the option of deciding what you want, the type of sandwich you’d like to get, the sides you want to be added to your order, etc.

What Are The Catering Side Options Offered At Jimmy John’s?

Well, Jimmy Johns offers a variety of side options. Some side options offered include Jimmy chips, chocolate chunk cookies, pickles spear, raising oatmeal cookies, or a bucket of jumbo kosher, among other items.

The side options are as fresh as the sandwiches and also affordable.

What is The Maximum Number of Box Lunches I Can Order From Jimmy John’s?

Fortunately, Jimmy John’s has no limit to the number of box lunches customers can order. This means you can order as many box lunches as you wish.

Therefore, if you want as many box lunches as possible, Jimmy Johns will see that they meet your order request without a doubt.

Final Words

As discussed in this article, we can agree that the wide selection of items offered at Jimmy John’s is to die for.

The company’s sandwiches are scrumptious, fresh, and affordable similar to other items available at the company.

Aside from that, the company has an excellent customer support team, and the catering services and products are of high quality.

All that said, we can conclude that Jimmy John’s is the real deal. Therefore, consider giving it a try.

Jimmy John's Catering Prices 2024 - 4 Main Menu of Party Boxes, Mini Jimmys, Box Lunches, Lil' lunches (2024)
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