China to build three manufacturing innovation centers, shares of related companies soar

(Yicai Global) Nov 7 — Chinese companies’ shares in the graphene, virtual reality and ultra-high definition video industries surged today, following the government’s decision to build three production centers. manufacturing innovation at the national level related to the three sectors.

Shenzhen-based Ofil Group [SHE: 002456] increased by the daily limit of 10% to close at 5.45 CNY (0.8 USD).

The main entity responsible for building the innovation center for the virtual reality industry is an affiliate of Ofilm, in which Ofilm has a 20% stake, the 21st Century Business Herald reported today, citing the Oflim’s Investor Relations department.

With support from the Nanchang Virtual Reality Institute, a national virtual reality innovation center will be built in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced in a statement. press release published today on its website.

The center will carry out research and development, testing and verification of key technologies while offering technical services as well as talent training and international cooperation, the ministry noted.

A national graphene innovation center will be built in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, relying on a company called Ningbo Graphene Innovation Center, MIIT noted, adding that a national UHD video innovation center will be set up. in place with the support of a Chengdu, Sichuan Province-based startup.

luxury family [SHA: 600503], a Shanghai-based real estate and science and technology industry investment firm, also raised the daily limit by 10% today to end the day at CNY2.88. Deluxe Family owns about 1% stake in Ningbo Graphene Innovation Center, the outlet said.

Company registration data showed TV maker Sichuan Changhong Electric is the Chengdu-based startup’s fourth largest shareholder and set-top box maker Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronic is its sixth largest shareholder. Changhong [SHA: 600839] shares gained 1.9% to CNY 2.76 today, while Jiuzhou [SHE: 000801] rose 1.7% to CNY 8.32.

MIIT will work with local departments to advance the construction of the three innovation centers, enhancing technical innovation capacity and providing strong support for the development of key areas of manufacturing industry, he said in the report. communicated.

Publisher: Pierre Thomas

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