DAO Uniglo.io Named New SHIB After Passing Massive Burn Proposal – Can It Surpass Tamadoge’s Success?

A drastic reduction in supply always leads to a sharp increase in prices. Supply chain problems have been one of the main causes of inflation: the decrease in the value of fiat. And digital currencies follow the same laws of supply.

A new proposal adopted by Uniglo.io’s DAO to implement mass token burning has excited investors, and rightly so. Will GLO become the new SHIB? And can the protocol surpass the success of Tamadoge? The answer to both seems to be yes.


Uniglo made incredible progress in a short window. Same Business2Community resumed its success, listing the protocol as one of the best projects of 2022. Uniglo provides a long-term store of value by exposing investors to a unique collection of digital assets. Purchase and sales taxes fund the acquisition of assets, and the vault stores classic large caps such as BTC and ETH for long-term gains. Additionally, it holds stablecoins to hedge against volatility; small caps to profit from growth speculation. And most excitingly, high-end physical goods such as fine art in NFT format.

On top of that, to further ensure consistent appreciation, the protocol implements a hyper-aggressive burning strategy. Now that the DAO has passed this additional hot proposal, it will sharply reduce the GLO total, and analysts expect prices to rise sharply.


Shiba Inu has put up a huge token burn to combat its incredibly high supply and to help increase value for investors. To date, the project has burned over four hundred trillion SHIBs.

However, investors should remember that most of that burn came from Vitalik Buterin’s initial burn. SHIB’s burn count also looks impressive due to its total offering massively outpacing most projects.


Tamadoge has seen tremendous success since its launch. This game-to-win model implements NFT technology allowing investors to own pets in the Tamaverse. Investors can even battle their NFTs against other investors. Although it is a meme token, the developers have filled TAMA with utilities. The same team plans to create a native metaverse, and analysts expect this endeavor to fuel Tamadoge’s future growth.

Final Thoughts

Current market conditions provide investors with an excellent entry point to build their wallets and strengthen their current positions. As a result, Uniglo represented an excellent investment opportunity before the burning proposal. Now that the proposal has passed, Uniglo offers an unprecedented financial opportunity.

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Join the presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register

Website: https://uniglo.io

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