Google Cloud Just Became a Solana Validator

Google’s cloud computing division, Google Cloud, announced on Saturday that it is now using a validator on the Solana blockchain and will soon add features to accommodate Solana developers and node runners.

Solana (SOL) was up 12% on the news, changing hands at around $36.80 at press time.

In a Twitter feedGoogle Cloud revealed that in addition to running a Solana validator “to participate and validate the network,” it plans to bring its Blockchain Node Engine to the Solana chain in 2023. Blockchain Node Engine is a “fully managed node hosting service” managed by the provider, which already supports the Ethereum blockchain.

“We want it to be possible to run a Solana node with just one click in a cost effective way,” said Nalin Mittal, Google Web3 Product Manager, at Solana’s Breakpoint conference in Lisbon.

Google Cloud also announced that it is now indexing Solana data and adding it to its BigQuery data warehouse, a move that “will provide the Solana developer ecosystem with easier access to historical data.” The feature will launch in the first quarter of 2023, Mittal said.

Mittal added that Google Cloud is bringing its credits program to “screen startups from the Solana ecosystem” with up to $100,000 in cloud credits available to applicants.

On stage at Breakpoint, Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko hailed “Google’s pretty big boost” in adding Solana to BigQuery.

When asked where Google can help solve “tough engineering problems,” Yakovenko cited building better SDKs to speed up app development and solving the “unsolved problem” of storing sentences. departure.

“There’s been a bunch of research on storing secrets efficiently in a way that Google doesn’t even know the secrets, and you have partial key recovery between the user and a service provider like Google that can verify your identity,” he said. said.

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