I regret to inform you that Braun Strowman is back (UPDATE)

Update: He has since apologized to people in the locker room for his comments, but told fans he was joking:

Original story below.

Braun Strowman and Omos had a really good big man game at crown jewel just yesterday (Saturday November 5, 2022) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was, to say the least, much better than expected and received high praise for it.

Naturally, Strowman took that thumb and ran a mile:

People responded and Strowman, who seems to like these opportunities to alienate as many people as possible, responded to them. Such as:


Don’t worry, we just have a misunderstanding!

He ended with this:

The red kisses on the lips were a very nice touch.

Luckily, fans weren’t the only ones to notice this nonsense and talk about it. Mustafa Ali, who often uses his Twitter to “denounce whore behavior”, took his own photo:

It’s damn good there.

The reality is that the debate about size being the price versus wrestlers doing flippy shit is awkward and always will be — pro wrestling is all about shooting money and you do it by stirring up emotions. How you evoke that emotion doesn’t matter. Strowman, who is supposed to be working babyface right now, will only alienate fans and his contemporaries with nonsense like this.

Not that he seems to care.

As long as the check is cashed, ain’t it big?

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