Last-Minute NBA Reports Say Jerami Grant Buzzer-Beater Was Illegal

The NBA’s final two-minute report for last night’s Portland Trail Blazers-Phoenix Suns game has been released and it confirms that Blazers forward Jerami Grant traveled on his game-winning jump, which should have been disallowed. The report describes Grant’s attempt as follows:

Grant (POR) picks up the ball with one hand then takes three steps before releasing the shot attempt.

The bucket beating the buzzer gave Portland a 108-106 win, avoiding overtime.

That’s not the only gripe the Suns will have with officials after the loss. The report cites two other errors in the final 24 seconds, both of which benefited the Blazers.

On Phoenix’s last possession before Grant’s attempt, with the score tied, Blazers goalie Keon Johnson had one foot in the lane “for more than three seconds without actively guarding an opponent imminently.” This should have been a 3rd second defensive violation, according to the report. That would have resulted in a penalty free throw for the Suns, with Phoenix retaining the ball. If that free throw had been taken, Portland would have been forced to foul in order to regain possession of the ball, as the Suns might have missed time for the win otherwise.

With 1.1 seconds remaining, Suns forward Mikal Bridges was whistled for a travel violation, the turnover that set up Portland’s final attempt. The report calls this an incorrect call, stating:

Bridges (PHX) takes the ball with both hands and collects it on his right foot. He then descends on two feet for his first step and can choose either foot as the pivot foot. He establishes his left foot as a pivot by taking a step with his right foot then comes off the ground and releases his shot attempt.

For those who count, it was three miscalls in the last two games, all of which were needed to make Portland’s victory possible.

Portland and Phoenix hit it off again tonight at 7:00 p.m. PT.

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