Mark Ruffalo slams Elon Musk for Twitter changes

Elon MuskTwitter’s takeover of Twitter has sparked much criticism and controversy, and there are still more questions than answers about its long-term plans for the site.

The South African tycoon initially backed out of the purchase and the platform was about to sue him, and his takeover was eventually successful, he laid off almost 50% of the staff.

It also advertised a monthly fee to be verified, but Musk doesn’t seem to care about criticism from users, employees, and public figures.

The last people involved were Elon himself and the hollywood star Marc Ruffalo.

Musk reportedly plans to cut 75% of Twitter staff

Musk review

It all came as a result of a tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Corteza Democratic congresswoman who criticized Musk for wanting to charge eight dollars for verification.

“While I Have Your Attention”, Congressman Ocasio-Cortez said. “Why should people pay eight bucks just to have their app blocked when they say something you don’t like?

“This is what my app looks like since my tweet upset you yesterday. What’s good? Doesn’t feel very free to talk to me [thinking emoji].”

Mark Ruffalo: Elon, quit Twitter

Hulk echoed AOC and and doubled in attack Musk.

Elon. Please – for decency’s sake – quit Twitter”, Ruffalo tweeted. “Hand over the keys to someone doing this like a real job and keep leading Tesla and SpaceX. You’re destroying your credibility. It’s just not pretty.”

Musk replied to the pair: “Hot take: not everything AOC said is [100 emoji] exact.”

Ruffalo had the last laugh, however, pointing out the hypocrisy with Muskthe planned deregulation of the platform.

Ruffalo said: “Maybe so. That’s why having robust filters for misinformation/disinformation and credible verified users has been a popular feature for people and advertisers. We need those safeguards to make sure that it is accurate information, otherwise the app loses its credibility just like you and people leave.

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