Netflix announces a VR Stranger Things game where you can play as Vecna

Here’s a fun slice of Sunday afternoon news. Netflix, which has doubled down on its games over the past year, announced VR stranger things. A studio called Tender Claws is developing the game, which Netflix describes as a horror/psychological action title.

The best part is that you will be able to play as Vecna, the villain of the fourth season of Strange things. “Become an explorer of unknown realities by training the hive mind and taming the void,” Netflix wrote in the description of the announcement video. “Invade spirits and conjure up nightmares in your quest to exact revenge on Eleven and Hawkins.”

Sounds pretty rad. I dig when games flip things around and give you the option to play the bad guy. I haven’t touched virtual reality much, but it’s certainly the one I’m going to try to discover. I also like the art style that we get a glimpse of in the ad.

We won’t have to wait that long for the game to drop either. Netflix says it’s coming to major VR platforms in winter 2023. Presumably that means Steam VR, Meta Quest, and PlayStation VR2.

Netflix had a few other related games stranger things rolled up its sleeves lately. He recently published another stranger things mobile game to subscribers at no additional cost β€” it’s a puzzle game this time. Meanwhile, the company set up a stranger things experience in Robloxwhere fans were able to watch the first episode of the series together today.

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