Sci-Fi VR adventure game Hubris will be released in early December


VR developer and publisher Cyborn has set a release date for its upcoming sci-fi adventure title, Hubris, which will be released next month. We’ve seen some teases for the game over the past few months, as they’ll have you racing around a two-planet system where you’ll have to survive in a harsh alien environment. But now we know the game will be released on multiple VR platforms on December 6, 2022. You can watch the latest trailer below to see more of the game in action.

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“Cyborn revealed the launch date via a short and sweet trailer released today. Hubris’ progressive take on virtual reality wowed the press and content creators at this year’s Gamescom at the end of of the month of August. Players who face hubris in December, you’ll discover a virtual reality action-adventure game set in an absorbing and mystical universe. Serving as a recruit to the Order of Objectivity (or OOO for short) sent to the Twin Planets system to search for Agent Cyana, merely remaining alive in hubris is a case of shooting, swimming, climbing and jumping through a hostile world in the middle of terraforming. With Hubris offering immersive 3D graphics and motion capture, developer Cyborn set out to use a blend of visuals, sound and technology to produce unforgettable and engaging worlds. hubris is an engrossing adventure specifically designed from the ground up for VR platforms, allowing players to move through its environment in a holistic and engaging way.”

  • Enjoy a full VR experience where you can move, climb, swim and jump freely.
  • Be part of the unique and intriguing sci-fi world of Hubris, the start of a full-fledged new space saga.
  • Savor some of the best and most immersive graphics available in VR.
  • Fight alongside epic and colorful characters against a mix of alien wild animals, humanoids and mechanized enemies, each requiring unique tactics to defeat.
  • Gather and scavenge resources, craft weapons and tools, control vehicles and mechanical devices.
  • Discover the long-forgotten secrets of OOO.
  • Earn your place as an agent of the Order of Objectivity.

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