Video: Jake Paul Scores 2 Cameo ‘KO’s With Brother Logan Paul At WWE Crown Jewel

Jake Paul didn’t score a knockout against Anderson Silva, but he did manage to knock out two WWE Superstars in his in-ring appearance on Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

The 25-year-old boxer ran into the ring to help his brother Logan Paul, who was in the main event against Roman Reigns in the card dubbed WWE Crown Jewel.

Once in the ring, Paul delivered a pair of knockouts to WWE Tag Team Champions Jimmy and Jey Uso, who are on the same faction with Reigns.

Paul was long expected to make an appearance in his brother’s game after he flew to Saudi Arabia to show his support. Prior to the event, he grabbed a photo opportunity with former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

As he raced to the ring, the WWE commentary team spoke about Paul’s recent victory over Silva as the YouTube celebrity turned combat sports star went 6-0 in his career with a victory by unanimous decision over the UFC legend.

As for Logan, he signed a deal with WWE in 2022 and has made regular appearances with the promotion, including his main slot against Reigns, who is widely considered the current face of WWE.

Considering Logan’s WWE career, it seems more than possible that Jake will show up in future matches.

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