Viral video shows nuclear explosion in virtual reality

Viral video shows nuclear explosion in virtual reality

Nuclear dust cloud seen as in the video.

A video that has gone viral on the Internet shows what it would be like to witness the explosion of a nuclear bomb in virtual reality.

The video, which shows a virtual reality environment, shows a beach on a pleasant day just before the nuclear bomb detonated offshore. As soon as it does, the screen goes blank. Within seconds, the whole place is devastated and appears as a sandstorm has erupted. The vegetation is uprooted and soon a huge cloud of smoke and dust appears erupting in the middle of the sky. The sky turns a bit purple towards the end of the video with the nuclear cloud of dust in between.

This gruesome 1 minute and 51 second video was posted a few hours ago on Reddit and shocked the internet. The video was captioned as follows: “Nuclear explosion in a virtual reality environment”.

Watch it here:

The clip was originally posted on YouTube and other social media platforms a month ago and is now going viral again.

So far, the video has received 89% upvotes on Reddit. One user commented, “All around would also have been blown or incinerated, and a huge wave would have come and swept the area.”

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“Hard to judge size or distance, but a 1 megaton explosion will give you 3rd degree burns (almost certainly fatal) at a distance of 6 miles. The radiation emitted at the point of detonation will kill you within a month at a distance of 1.5 miles. In this VR scenario, you are dead,” a fourth user commented.

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