Yog foundation Diwali event – UK’s first Infinity Diya hall – Chhavi Saini – Townley Grammar School

There were nearly 2,000 attendees at this year’s hugely successful Yog Foundation Diwali Mela in south-east London. One of the biggest events in the region! The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with lots of different experiences for people to explore.

‘Mela’ is a Hindi word which means fair, as the function was open at all times as well as free entry in the spirit of selfless service. Guests enjoyed:

  • Non-Stop Hanuman Chalisa Recital
  • Hanuman in an immersive Virtual Reality experience
  • Epic 3D movie theater
  • Exhibition of a Million Diya Infinity room (first time in the UK!)
  • Cultural dance performances by talented young people
  • Children’s room with face painting & Mehndi & crafts
  • Ankhoot prasad party made with love by the community

Mr Louie French (MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup) and Sir David Evennett (MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford) attended the 8th consecutive year of the celebration! Their experience of the occasion was “vibrant, innovative and fun”. In addition to describing how the commemoration is a bit serious, with the religious aspects of course, but the cultural aspect is also very important in the diversity of our society, and seeing families and communities come together. Many other guests expressed the friendly and festive atmosphere, helping them to feel closer to their origin and their religion while creating unforgettable memories and their gratitude towards the efforts of the volunteers who helped bring it to life!

Yog Foundation is an award-winning registered charity in South East London which seeks to bring together the local British Hindu, British Indian and wider Bexley communities to improve community cohesion and inclusiveness, serve the vulnerable, celebrate the diversity and improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being for all. The charity’s hard work and upholding culture, tradition and heritage is nationally recognised, with an award won at the London Faith and Belief Community Awards 2019 – a category winner for promoting inclusion. As part of seva, for 5 years, the charity has organized free initiatives, hosting more than 40 festivals, while including the future generation in weekly Moral Values/Hinduism/Hindi/Gujarati classes. In addition, the organization of special wellness, yoga and mental health events. The Yog Foundation frequently helps and has raised thousands for many charities in need including the Royal Society for Blind Children, Greenwich & Bexley Hospice, Kailash Satyarthi Foundation and they have responded to COVID-19 by contributing to many numerous food banks and homeless people. For many, the Yog Foundation is a wonderful community to be part of, whether an adult or a child, because there is so much to learn and experience with incredible opportunities.

CEO Mr. Chetan Halai said, “I think melas are a wonderful way to experience the Diwali buzz and festivities as it allows attendees to spend a few hours visiting all the attractions. The event is extremely important to our community as it provides an opportunity to come together at this auspicious time of year.

Lots of people are anticipating the party for the next few years, find out about the charity on the Yog Foundation website here; https://www.yog.foundation/

This is local London:

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