Brandy Modela Olympics (2024)

1. Brandie Wilkerson - Team Canada - Official Olympic Team Website

  • Brandie Wilkerson made her Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020. She and her then-partner Heather Bansley made it to the quarterfinals, matching Canada's best-ever ...

  • A biography of Team Canada beach volleyball player Brandie Wilkerson.

Brandie Wilkerson - Team Canada - Official Olympic Team Website

2. Brandie Wilkerson (@BrandieWilks) / X

  • Beach Volleyball Olympian • Moon Child • NFT collector • Curator of curiosities •

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3. Brandie Wilkerson - AVP Beach Volleyball

Brandie Wilkerson - AVP Beach Volleyball

4. Brandie Wilkerson - Blenders Eyewear

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  • Sometimes, a late start can be right on time. That’s the case with professional beach volleyball player, Brandie Wilkerson. The Blenders Entourage athlete wasn’t always what she is today (and who is?), but she’s a testament to how the power of sport can drive self-confidence and identity, both on the court and off. The Art of the Game Brandie Wilkerson was born in Switzerland on July 1, 1992 to father, Herb Johnson Wilkerson, and mother, Stephanie. While sports were very much in her blood—dad was drafted by the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers and mom was a Swiss national runner/two-time Ironman finalist—the push to pursue it wasn’t there at an early age. Quite the contrary, in fact. Speaking with The Shadow League, Wilkerson said, “[my parents] deterred me from being a professional athlete as much as possible. They were like, ‘No, get a real job. This is not the life you want’.” In truth, Brandie already had other interests. By the time her family moved to Canada when she was seven, she was cultivating a love of art. Drawing, photography, fashion… the pull was strong, and she still celebrates that passion today. But, ultimately, her future lay elsewhere. In time, the call to the court and field would prove too much. In high school, Brandie took up numerous sports—basketball, soccer, track and field, rugby, and volleyball, winning four ROPSAA volleyball championships (2006-09). Later representing Toronto’s York University Lions, Brandie won female rookie of the year on her way to be...

Brandie Wilkerson - Blenders Eyewear

5. Brandie Wilkerson - Volleyball Canada

Brandie Wilkerson - Volleyball Canada

6. Brandy Modela (@BrandyModelaTV) / X

  • Your Online Girlfriend | Model | University Student | Olympic Athlete | DM me on my website (◔◡◔)っ Link below!

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7. Our Team - Athletics Canada

  • ... Olympic Games, World Para Athletics Championships, Para Pan American Games ... Olympic Games, IAAF World Junior Championships, NACAC - U23, World Race Walking ...

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Our Team - Athletics Canada

8. Brandie Wilkerson | Wilson Sporting Goods

  • What made you want to be a Wilson Advisory Staff Member? : · How did you get into beach volleyball? : · hat was your experience like in the 2020 Olympic games?

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Brandie Wilkerson | Wilson Sporting Goods
Brandy Modela Olympics (2024)
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