Kings vs Magic final score: De’Aaron Fox wins game in Orlando

De’Aaron Fox (knee) returned from a one-game absence to face a young and feisty Orlando Magic team. The Kings would start this game extremely slow and choppy. Sacramento’s entire first half seemed to be comprised of defensive communication issues, rushing shots and a lot of one-on-one inefficiency.

The Magic headed into halftime with a 65-47 lead as a result. Then something changed. Fox (37 points, five rebounds and 3 assists) explained why he was given the keys to the franchise as he warmed up early in the third quarter and never seemed to calm down. Domantas Sabonis also had a night, making his presence felt in the position by pulling 11 rebounds to go along with his 25 points and six assists.

It was a back-and-forth affair heading into the final quarter of this game in Orlando. When the final buzzer sounded, the game was tied at 106. Overtime began with more of the same and a cloud of worry began to hang over the Kings as they simply couldn’t find a way. to deal with the basketball whenever they could grab the lead. A basket here, a turnover there.

This is where the questions really started to creep in:

  1. Are we just going to see the same old KANGZ?
  2. Is De’Aaron Fox closer?
  3. Where is Mike Brown’s defense?

Orlando started to play the tie with just 43 seconds left and the game would ultimately come down to a possession. After two free throws from Jalen Suggs, Trey Lyles joined Malik Monk, who was swarmed by several Magic players. Monk tried to swing the ball at Fox but the defense was too strong, forcing a turnover leading to an easy dunk that tied the game at 123.

But with just 6.5 seconds left on the clock, Fox called the ball and, like a blur, zoomed half court to throw a game-winning field goal that would secure the Kings their third win of the season.

This Kings win felt like the world was evened out after Tyler Herro landed a game-winning shot (while running away with a trip) in Miami. Fans can now breathe a sigh of relief as Sacramento heads west to take on the Golden State Warriors in Oakland on Monday with another win in their back pocket as they look to keep climbing the standings.

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