Craziest privilege in paradise

Jennifer Coolidge makes a return as Tanya in series two of “The White Lotus.”

The human zoo that is “The White Lotus” is back for a second season. Streaming Columnist NICK OVERALL have a look…

BINGE’s biting satire “The White Lotus” returns for a sublimely zany second season this week.

Nick overall.

You could call this voyeuristic comedy-drama a human zoo.

Strange exhibits from all walks of life head to “The White Lotus”, an expensive resort supposed to offer the perfect, heavenly getaway.

Audiences can watch the vacations of these bizarre, yet oddly familiar, characters crash and burn.

No generation, age, sex, gender or any other trait is spared.

Swim shorts, polo shirts, and sunscreen are packed tightly into their bags alongside their dysfunctional anxieties, insecurities, and secrets.

While the first season took audiences on a trip to a Hawaiian getaway, the second season visits another White Lotus resort in Sicily, opening up a new Pandora’s box of debauchery and drama.

It has once again proven itself among the sharpest social commentaries and is worth booking a ticket for.

THIS month, it’s Amazon Prime Video’s turn to launch a high-profile sci-fi series into the streaming wars.

That’s exactly what ‘The Peripheral’ is – an ambitious eight-part spectacle that aims to bend minds and strike heartstrings.

It comes from the same creators as “Westworld”, the trippy series about a simulation of the wild west where people live out their deepest fantasies.

“The Peripheral” takes this virtual reality gimmick and goes even further with it.

Chloe Grace Moretz plays Flynne Fisher, a young woman living in rural America in 2032.

Along with his brother, a retired U.S. Marine, Fisher makes money testing virtual reality hardware for major corporations, including extremely realistic and violent video games.

We are immersed in history when one of these simulations turns out to be a dystopian London in 2099, so realistic that it almost looks like a vision of the future.

Fisher throws an ethics snowball when she witnesses a murder in this bizarre alternate reality. Premonition? Or just another violent VR experience?

I’m sure the premise alone will be enough for many readers to decide if this is all right for them or not.

It’s the start of the series, which releases one episode a week, but for sci-fi aficionados, the set-up has the potential for gratifying rewards.

For everyone else, “The Peripheral” can be left where its title suggests.

VIEWERS who found last year’s “Dr. Death” a nail-biting experience might just break out in a cold sweat watching Netflix’s new movie “The Good Nurse.”

Jessica Chastain stars as true heroine Amy Loughren in this unsettling thriller about a nurse who discovers her seemingly endearing colleague is secretly murdering her patients.

It’s a true crime story that’s as terrifying as it sounds. New Jersey nurse Charles Cullen allegedly killed hundreds of patients in 16 years by giving them lethal injections.

That was until Loughren discovered his secret and bravely risked his own life to bring him down. “The Good Nurse” tells the tense story of how she did it.

In real life, Cullen was known to be incredibly charming. Loughren even became friends with the serial killer before discovering his sinister secrets.

Like “Dr Death”, it’s a fascinating and unnerving medical nightmare, to say the least. Suddenly, that daily apple looks a whole lot more appealing.

Movie Review / ‘The Good Nurse’

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