Klay Thompson of the Warriors fascinated by the ocean during a press conference

Klay Thompson and the ocean were a match made in heaven.

As the Warriors nautical aficionado sat down for media availability on Sunday after the Warriors practice, Thompson couldn’t help but notice the view of the bay just outside the window where the conference was being held. Press.

And of course, he took the time to admire the view.

“Hey Klay, how are you doing man?” NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors insider Monte Poole asked as Thompson sat down.

“I prefer looking at this view,” Thompson said, pointing to the large window.

Thompson then continued to face the water for the duration of his press conference, transfixed by the ocean he became familiar with.

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Thompson has a great love for the ocean and constantly cruises around the bay on his personal boat. Throughout his two-year recovery from back-to-back lower leg injuries, the ocean served as an escape for the five-time NBA All-Star and Thompson credits his travels on the water with helping him throughout. his recovery.

For Klay, a great view of the water makes answering reporters’ questions that much more bearable.

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