Snapchat Partners with Amazon for Virtual Try-On Shopping Experience

San Francisco: Snapchat has announced its partnership with Amazon for its augmented reality-powered Virtual Try-On shopping experience that will offer Snapchat users the ability to digitally try on eyewear styles from a range of popular brands.

Many new shopping lenses in categories like sunglasses, reading glasses, and seasonal eyewear will be available as part of the launch, according to TechCrunch.

“Through the combined innovation and technology between Snap and Amazon, we’re unlocking exciting and fun new trial experiences for hundreds of millions of Snapchatters,” said Ben Schwerin, senior vice president of partnerships at Snap.

AR shopping lenses on Snapchat were used more than 5 billion times by 250 million users in the past year.

Amazon created an AR shopping experience for its customers using Snap’s self-service creation system, Lens Web Builder, which was able to use Amazon’s existing 3D models for scalable AR assets, according to the report.

Additionally, if the Amazon product price changes or an item goes out of stock, Lenses will automatically update in real time, Snap notes.

Snap users can access the new Amazon AR shopping feature through the @amazonfashion public profile on the Snapchat app, Snap’s Lens Explorer, the new “Dress Up” tab featuring AR shopping experiences, or the Snap Camera lens carousel.

Additionally, Amazon notes that Snapchat users will now be able to browse thousands of eyewear products in Amazon Fashion’s “shop” tab on its profile, but they won’t be augmented reality-enabled, the report said.

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