Twitter boss Elon Musk reveals punishment for impersonating verified users

Elon Musk has revealed what will happen if you impersonate a verified Twitter user with the new tick system. Earlier this year, Elon Musk bought Twitter for over $40 billion. The deal got a lot of attention as many people thought it was not good for the app and would do more harm than good. However, he still has plenty of supporters who think he can do a lot of good by reforming Twitter. He took ownership of the app at the end of October and began making significant changes. It has already fired half of the company and started rolling out an update that will soon allow all users to purchase a blue tick for their profile. The tick previously meant that the account belonged to a person of interest (celebrity, journalist or politician) and that his tweets were not from an impostor.

Now, due to how people can change their display names, images, and other things on Twitter, it’s created a lot of questions about what this new checkmark system will look like. What if an average Joe decides to buy a tick, changes his profile to someone like Joe Biden and causes anarchy? Well, they’re just banned and they’re allowed to create another account and pay an extra $8 for the Twitter Blue subscription, which gives them a tick. says Elon Musk if scammers want to do it a million times, they totally can. Some users have pointed out ways to reduce this problem, such as making changes to the app’s font so people can’t use similar letters like a lowercase L instead of a capital I to make their names look like in someone else’s username. . Musk was okay with the ideawhich means they could look into that.

For now, it remains to be seen just how out of control the impostor’s situation will get. If everyone is aware that the check mark is pretty much meaningless now and doesn’t actually represent someone’s identity, people can quickly learn to take a closer look at profiles and not be fooled. However, we will only find out later.

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