Westworld fans are trying to save the series

Westworld fans already have an online petition asking HBO to renew the show.

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

Westworld Fans were shocked on Friday when HBO announced they would not be renewing the show for a fifth season and are now stepping up in their efforts to convince the cable giant to produce one more season. According to MovieWeb, a petition is already in place on Change.org and has now seen an influx of signatures due to the show’s official cancellation notice. The move was announced following the show’s declining ratings during the third and fourth seasons.

The movement has also spread across social media, with fans using #SaveWestworld to signal their support for the show. It is well known that Westworld was intended to have a fifth season finale, as its creators, Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy, said. Just last month, the showrunners were optimistic about completing their final season, but on November 4, HBO officially announced that the show was over.

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It’s not uncommon for a show to find itself resurrected by such fan interest that results in petitions and protests. The extent nearly died on SyFy, but was saved by fans and found a new home on Amazon Prime, ending earlier this year after six seasons. Manifest failed to satisfy NBC, but fan interest prompted Netflix to pick it up and complete its story in two more seasons, for a total of four.

Even HBO felt the pressure of fan disappointment, offering a dead wood movie to satiate fans after the series was cancelled. The film was released 12 years after the series ended, but gave fans a story that filled the void caused by its lack of closure. Fans upset by abrupt cancellations of beloved shows don’t like to reward the subscriber who did.

The fourth season of Westworld ended ambiguously, prompting some to argue that a fifth season is unnecessary. The show is also very expensive for HBO to produce, as it is one of the most expensive shows to produce. Faced with falling ratings, the decision to cancel it makes sense.

It also has a long-term cost. Giving shows a definite ending increases their value when it comes to licensing for later streaming. Viewers don’t want to invest their time in a show that has no end and an outcry over shows being canceled by streamers under such conditions, such as Santa Clarita Diet, is the proof. A show with no real ending that’s already finished is less likely to succeed on streaming platforms because viewers know in advance that it’s incomplete.

With a bit of luck, Westworld fans succeed in their business, even if it means moving the final season to another location, like with Manifest and The extent. News of its cancellation has certainly prompted fans to take action in defense of the beloved series, in hopes of bringing the closure that the show’s creators and devotees would love to see. They certainly make their interest and dedication to the show known, proving that there are plenty of people who want to see a fifth and final season.

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