Why Millie Bobby Brown Says She’s Afraid to Start Filming ‘Stranger Things’ After Finishing Enola Holmes Sequel

The actress feels a little shaken.

Milly Bobby Brown has four hugely successful seasons of Netflix stranger things under her belt, but she still feels nervous about returning and filming the fifth and final episode.

Brown, 18, revealed his concerns during a Q&A at the streamer’s New York premiere Enola Holmes 2 earlier this week, admitting a “deep-rooted fear” that she would accidentally cause one of Enola’s quirks to be defined as eleven, per Today.

When playing the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, Brown often breaks the fourth wall, addressing the audience directly through the camera. She likened the sentiment to vlogging on YouTube, and she’s become so comfortable with it that she’s now afraid she can’t avoid looking at the camera.

“During filming [Enola Holmes 2]I dreamed that I was on the set of stranger thingsand I couldn’t stop looking at the camera,” the actress shared at the event. “And now I have this deep-rooted fear that I’ll never stop looking at the camera again.”

It’s a scare she says she can’t stop obsessing over, but we’re pretty sure she’ll have Season 5 in the bag. And if not, a little indoor-outdoor monologue from Eleven wouldn’t be the world’s worst addition!

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